Bacteria Slides Set

by Optico

Bacteria set - 23 slides

C1. Staphylococcus aureus, pus organism

C2.Sarcina lutea, chromogenic rods

C3.Streptococcus lactis, milk souring organism, short chains

C4.Bacillus subtilis, hay bacillus, smear with bacilli and spores

C5. Rhizobium radicicola, nitrogen fixing bacteria in root nodules

C6. Proteus vulgaris, putrefaction

C7.Escherichia coli, colon bacteria

C8.Spirillum volutans, from putrid water

C9.Rhodospirillum rubrum, chromogenic spirilli

C10.Bacteria from mouth, smear with Gram positive and negative rods

C11.Bacteria from bread

C12.Bacteria from cheese

C13.Bac.Thuringiensis smear

C14.Bacteria in yoghourt smear

C15.E.rhuriopathiae smear

C16.Acetobacter aceti smear

C17.Rhizopus stolonifer W.M.

C18.Bacteria from human mouth smear

C19.Bacteria 3types smear,(staphylococcus, pseudonmonas & spirillum)

C20.Staphylococcus smear

C21.Microzyme W.M.

C22.Aspergillus,show hypha &sporeW. M.

C23.Penicillium W.M.

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