Premiere MFL007 Duo-Scope

by Premiere

The Whodunnit™ Duo-Scope MFL-007 microscope kit adds a black light to study crime evidence just like professional forensic investigators. Go under cover, search for clues, eliminate suspects, and sleuth with your guide, Major Inspector.

The duo-scope is two microscopes in one: view slides with the light from below… view solid objects with light shining down. The cool LED and Black Light illumination provides the sub-stage and overhead lighting. No electricity or power cords are needed. Three AA batteries are required, not included.

With the flexibility to view both slides and solid objects, the Duo-Scope MFL-007 is fun plus educational for “detectives” of all ages.

A multiple item investigator’s starter kit is included with an extensive instruction manual and suggestions for own-slide preparation.

The Whodunnit™ Experiments Guide creates crime scenarios and Major Inspector will show how to collect evidence, analyze clues and solve various crime scenarios including fingerprinting, blood analysis, forgery, liquid detection and more.

Duo-Scope features include:

  • Inclined head with 10X widefield eyepiece with pointer.
  • Three objectives for 40X, 100X and 400X magnifications.
  • Dual LED / Black Light illumination powered by three AAA batteries.
  • Dual focusing knobs.
  • Built-in disc diaphragm contrast control with six settings to modify transmitted light.
  • All-metal rugged construction with stain resistant enamel finish.
  • Real optical glass lenses.
  • One-year warranty.

Package includes:

  • Model MFL-007 Duo-Scope.
  • Investigator’s Starter Kit
  • Whodunnit™ Experiments Guide Book.
  • Users Manual with Ideas for Observation

Starter kit includes…

  1. Evidence bag
  2. Top secret envelope containing 4 “Evidence” cards
  3. Blank finger print cards (5 ea)
  4. pH paper
  5. Ink pad
  6. Magnifier
  7. Bulb blower
  8. Cotton / Nylon / Wool / Silk and Linen fiber samples
  9. Metal forceps
  10. Plastic transfer pipets
  11. Cotton tip applicator stick
  12. Poly gloves (4 ea)
  13. Blank Microscope slides (5 ea)
  14. Cover slips
  15. Slide labels
  16. Prepared slides (4 ea)
  17. Red “stain”
  18. Blue “stain”
  19. Petri dish
  20. Plastic test tube
  21. Mini flashlight with battery
  22. Doctor’s mask (2 ea)
  23. Police Tape

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