Life In The Soil Slides Set

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Life In the Soil - Prepares slides set

25 slides allow students to examine a few of the many organisms that make up the soil ecosystem. Examples of bacteria, algae, plants, and animals are included.

C1.Acidophile soil bacteria, solution of heavy metals 

C2.Netted venation, portion of rotted deciduous leaf

C3.Charlock (Sinapis), t.s. of stem. Green manure plant

C4.Soil bacteria (Bacillus megaterium), smear

C5.Lichen, indicator of clean air

C6.Mushroom (Xerocomus), mycelium

C7.Root of willow (Salix), planting protecting against erosion

C8. Earthworm (Lumbricus) t.s., causing soil improvement

C9.Constituents of humus soil

C10.Constituents of peaty soil.

C11.Rhizopus nigricans W.M.

C12.centipede leg w.m.

C13.Scorpion leg w.m.

C14.Scarab beetles horn w.m.

C15.Root tip of onion L.S.(show mitotic division)

C16.Root tip of Corn L.S.

C17.Root tip of Pea L.S.

C18.Earthworm anterior I.s.

C19.NematodaNVireworm of Insects

C20.Ant w.m.

C21.cockroach leg w.m.

C22.cockroach mouthpats w.m. mouthparts w.m. leg w.m.

C25.Stem of tuber of potato sec.

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