Zumax OMS2350 Advanced Dental Microscope

by Zumax

Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope

  • Integrated 20W LED illumination for pure white colour light
  • Internal lenses made by Schott Optical Glass imported from Germany
  • 6-Step Manual Magnification Changer: 6 click stop positions
  • Integrated yellow & green filter
  • VarioDist Objective Lens: working distance range 190mm-300mm (Optional)
  • Integrated Full HD Camera (Optional)
  • Balance Arm (Optional)

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  • Option 1 – Basic Configuration
  • Option 2 – Basic +Vario Lens
  • Option 3 – Basic +HD Camera
  • Option 4 – Basic + Vario Lens & HD Camera
  • Option 5 – Basic + Vario lens, HD Camera + Balance Arm

Basic Configuration:

  • Floor Stand
  • 20W LED Illumination
  • 6-step magnification changer
  • 6-click stops 0.33x, 0.05x, 0.8x, 1.22x, 2.0x & 3.0x magnification
  • 45 Degree inclined binocular head
  • Pair of 12.5x widefield eyepieces


Magnification system
* 6-steps manual magnification changer
* Six click stop positions
y=0.33x,0.5x,0.8x,1.22x,2.0x, 3.0x;

Binocular Head
* 45 deg inclined binocular tube, f=170mm
* 0-180 deg inclinable binocular tube, f=170mm (Optional)

Eyepieces (Optional)
* 12.5x, 10x, 16x and 20X widefield eyepieces and have integrated eyecups with stepless adjustment.

Magnification Range
* e.g. with f=250mm lens and 12.5x eyepieces:
* Magnification/Field-of-view diameter:
2.8x, 4.2x, 6.9x, 10.4x, 17.0x, 25.6x
78.3mm, 52.1mm, 32.0mm, 21.2mm, 13.0mm, 8.7mm
with selected components, the above magnification range can be shifted up or down.

* Manual, fine focusing range 12mm
* 5 objective lenses for optional:
f=200mm (with fine focus), f=250mm (with fine focus), f=300mm, f=350mm, f=400mm

* Zumax LED Illumination, supplies bright,white and shadow-free light,>20,000 hours lifetime * Yellow and green integrated filter
* Field of view diameter: 50mm with f=250mm objective lens

Balancing system(Optional)
* This coupling offer ultra-light, ultra-smooth and perfect balance during positioning of the microscope or adding several accessories such as camcorder and digital camera.

Gross Weight
* Floorstand 125kg
* Wall Mount 80kg
* Ceiling Mount 95kg
* Fixed ground Mount 75kg
* Tabletop Clip 45kg

Shipping and Handling:
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