How to Find a Store That Sells the Best Digital Microscopes in Australia

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the many choices when it comes to digital microscopes in Australia. With all the technicalities and jargon used nowadays, it can be tempting to go to any shop and grab the equipment that looks good.

Looking for a shop that sells the best, genuine digital microscopes should be an exciting and educational experience. We understand you deserve to be told the correct information and get the perfect microscope for your needs.

How to Spot the Best Store That Sells Digital Microscopes in Australia

Everyone can sell the best microscopes on offer. But aside from the product, ensure the seller provides a quality user experience. You should make sure you will receive the product you ordered and that the company has a good return policy. 

Here is what to look for in a merchant that sells that microscope you have had your eye on.

Warranty and Return Policy

The shop should provide a warranty and return policy if you received a damaged product. Although many shops deliver these policies, you can compare which shop offers better services.

For example, here at Microscopes Australia, we do not charge a restocking fee. We offer a full money-back guarantee and pay all return postage costs. That is if you send the microscope back to us in 60 days.

As for the warranty, as long as it follows certain conditions, Microscopes Australia offers a five-year warranty to Australian customers who purchase our own brand of Optico microscopes.  


Choosing a microscope to use for your study should not be a terrifying experience. The best store has an expert that can give you suitable suggestions on which microscope to buy. This person should be able to orient you about the microscope and help you make your final decision.


When buying a new microscope, a common problem faced is that it typically takes three or more months to receive your order. 

Here in Microscopes Australia, we keep our stock to 99% all the time to make sure that your order will arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. 

You can expect to dispatch our microscope brand on the same day or the next day after receiving your order. If you are from Australia, you can expect to receive your order within seven working days. 

Other Promos

Aside from warranties and return policies, it is good to check out the shop's promos. 

In our shop, we offer the "Try Before You Buy" program. You can try our microscope in 30 days to help you make your decision. 

We offer this program to universities, schools, corporations, government departments, and large companies. For individuals, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Who Manufacturers the Best Microscope

There's no doubt that the top four brands of Nikon, Olympus, Leica & Zeiss tops the list when it comes to the manufacturer that sells the best quality microscopes. There are other good brands, but the top four are universally known for quality and has been the most trusted over the years. 

Dino-Lite are the worlds leading brand of handheld digital microscopes we are their Australian Distributors.

If you are looking for a particular Nikon or Dino-Lite microscope model, you can find these extensively throughout our online store.

Aside from that, we also have our brand Optico. They are an excellent option if you are looking for affordability and quality. 

How Much is a Good Microscope

Microscopes are available in different kinds and varieties. Because of this, the prices may vary. The brand and quality of the microscope also affect the price. 

The cheapest in our shop are the beginner microscopes used by children as toys or to do a bit of exploration. Meanwhile, the priciest are the ones used in a professional setting.

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