BM2000-PH Phase Contrast Microscope (Infinity PLAN Objectives)

by Optico

BM2000 Trinocular Microscope Including Infinity Plan Turret Phase Contrast Kit 

  • A complete turret phase contrast kit for infinity compound microscopes
  • Recommended for wastewater treatment plant
  • Phase contrast turret iris diaphragm condenser
  • Centering Telescope lens to fit 23mm internal dismeter eyetubes
  • 3 phase contrast infinity Plan objectives, 10x, 40x and 100x OIL
  • Mounting size of condenser: 37mm in diameter

Turret Phase Contrast Kit comprising of:

  • Phase Condenser with 3 position phase rings, 10X, 40X & 100X Oil Infinity Plan Achromatic Phase Objectives.
  • The condenser of this kit replaces the standard condenser on your microscope and the phase objectives should be used with the appropriate phase ring.
  • Once the condenser is properly aligned using the centering telescope (mounted as a temporary eyepiece), this kit will provide you with a phase contrast image of your specimens.


  • Phase Contrast type: Turret.
  • Infinity Objectives: PH10x/0.25, PH40x/0.6, PH100x/1.25 OIL
  • Condenser: NA 1.25. Mounting Size: 37mm (in diameter).
  • Centering Telescope Lens: To fit 30mm eyetubes.
  • Viewing Head: Seidentopf Trinocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 30°, 360° Rotatable, Interpupillary 48-75mm
  • Eyepieces: WF10×/20
  • Nosepiece: Backward Quadruple Nosepiece
  • Focusing: Coaxial Coarse & Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.002mm, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per Rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per Rotation, Moving Range 22mm
  • Stage: Rectangular 216×150mm, Cross Travel 78×54mm, Using Low-positioned X/Y Coaxial Control Knob.
  • Condenser: Abbe Condenser NA1.25 with Aperture Diaphragm
  • Illumination: 3W LED Illumination System
  • Dust Cover

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