8W-LED Microscope Ring Light with Polarizer

by Optico

Polarizing LED Ring Light

8W Polarizing LED ring light with polarizer and analyzer for reducing glare and reflections when viewing metallic parts, circuit boards or any specimen that produce alot of glare, when the analyzer and polarizer are aligned perpendicularly a dark background will be produced and any birefringent structure will be displayed as bright or colorful features on this dark background.

The analyzer sits inside the centre of the ring light, while the polarizer screws onto the outside of the ring light and can be rotated 360 degrees to cross-polarize the light, this allows for obtaining the desired polarization angle to reduce glare.

When using the polarizing LED ring light, as the polarizer is rotated at different angles, glare from metallic parts and reflections are reduced. This feature makes the polarizing ring light beneficial for viewing circuit boards, metallic objects or parts such as copper that might produce a lot of extra glare and make it hard to view imperfections in the samples.

See sample images in gallery of specimens photographed with and without polarization.


  • 8x 1 watt high quality LED lightAdjustable brightness intensityRotatable analyzer 360º, polarizer drops into slot and is removable
  • 62mm ID - works with most stereo microscopes.UV Free
  • ESD safe
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Angled lighting for even illumination of LED`s
  • Optional polarizer available
  • Lamp life 6000 hours – 6000k-7000k cool white light

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