SUNSUN Air Blowers

by Sunsun

New 2020 Air Blowers

Latest "C" model offers improved performance over the previous HG blower.

HG-C Vortex Air Blower Pump is especially good for compost tea brewing, sewage aeration, Pond fish breeding and industrial applications.

Model: HG-120-C (350 litres per minute) OUT OF STOCK
Suitable for tank sizes 200L - 350L

Power : 120W
Pressure : 7.5kPa
Output : 21m3/h
Weight : 4.7kg
Dimensions : 24.8cm x 19.8cm x 22.4cm

HG-250-C (580 litres per minute)
Suitable for tank sizes 300L - 600L

Power : 250W
Pressure : 12kPa
Output: 35m3/h
Weight: 9kg
Dimensions: 26.5cm x 22.8cm x 24.8cm

Model: HG-370-C (1000 litres per minute)
Suitable for tank sizes 400L - 1000L

Power : 370W
Pressure : 12kPa
Output : 60m3/h
Weight : 12kg
Dimensions : 27.9cm x 24.0cm x 26.6cm

Model: HG-750-C (1800 litres per minute)
Suitable for tank sizes 1000L - 1800L

Power : 750W
Pressure : 18kPa
Output : 110m3/h
Weight : 14kg
Dimensions : 29.4cm x 28.8cm x 31.5cm

Model: HG-1100-C (2750 litres per minute)
Suitable for tank sizes 1800L - 3000L

Power : 1100W
Pressure : 22kPa
Output : 165m3/h
Weight : 22kg
Dimensions : 33.2cm x 32.8cm x 35.8cm

Performance with Reliability

  • Cast aluminium housing with a high Phosphorization finish.
  • Fully retained impeller prevents vane fracture and pump failure.
  • Special annual chamber contains smooth airflow, without producing much noise.
  • Aluminium housing provides excellent heat dispersion, and prevents over-thermal.
  • Filter lid for inlet is provided to prevent  the impeller clogged by the dust and solids.
  • Silencer for outlet is provided.
  • Oil-free output allows it to be applied in aquaculture, fish farming, pool bubble, and healthcare.
  • It also can be run as a vacuum pump.

Shipping and Handling:
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