Gemology Microscope

by Optico

Optico`s new Professional Grade Gemological Microscope offers crisp high-resolution images with a zooming magnification range of 0.8x – 50x, brightfield and darkfield illumination, two reflected light sources (fluorescence & LED) with a 20W darkfield halogen light built in to the base and a 7W gooseneck rectangular fluorescent incident light box, providing rich spectrum, high-temperature color and close-to-daylight illumination. The incident light box shines light down onto your specimen, used to observe the surface details and fine structures of jewels or gemstones. The transmitted light through the darkfield condenser is designed for the examination of the inside quality of diamonds.

Features Include:

  • Advanced optics offer enlarged field of view, depth of field and flatness of specimen
  • Leading edge design includes fixed prisms and a single-spindle zoom mechanism
  • External nylon-on-nylon gearing provides the smoothest zoom possible
    Proven ergonomics for comfort during use
  • 45-degree trinocular head
  • 10x Extra-wide FOV fully adjustable eyepieces
  • Continuous range magnification (from 8x to 50x)
  • Halogen brightfield/darkfield illuminator; 7 watt fluorescent light for reflected illumination that simulates North Facing daylight for accurate color grading and an optional pin point, variable LED light on a flexible gooseneck
  • Inclinable stand with gemology stage, base rotates 0° – 325° and tilts 0° – 38°
  • Built-in darkfield condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Coarse focus controls with 110mm focusing range

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