Nikon Eclipse Ts2 Inverted Biological Microscope

by Nikon

Fits in Every Laboratory — Simple to Use & Compact

Utilizing Nikon's industry-leading CFI60 optical system and LED illumination for Diascopic imaging, the Eclipse Ts2 inverted microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and documentation. Furthermore, a newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability enhances its use for routine laboratory work.

Faster, brighter images with LED illumination

The LED light source is alignment-free, resulting in faster setup and consistent results. LEDs also eliminate frequent bulb replacements, saving the user time and money.

"Emboss Contrast" Contrasting Technique

Emboss Contrast is a cost-effective optical technique which does not require costly optics. Utilizing just a bright-field objective lens and two contrast sliders, Emboss Contrast provides pseudo-three dimensional and glare-free images for thick specimens such as iPS cells which would normally suffer from halos with conventional phase contrast methods. Additionally, Emboss Contrast is compatible with both glass and plastic culture chambers, making it a very versatile observation technique.

Compact and highly stable body

Compact and simple design form that's also durable. The compact structure is also vibration-resistant to provide highly stable sample observations.


  • Optical System: CFI60 Infinity Optical System
  • Observation method: Brightfield, Apodized Phase Contrast*1, Phase Contrast, Emboss Contrast*2
  • Objectives:
    • CFI Achromat 4X
    • CFI Achromat ADL 10X, Ph1
    • CFI Achromat LWD ADL 20X, Ph1
    • CFI Achromat LWD ADL 40X, Ph1
  • Diascopic illumination: High luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination), Built-in Fly eye lens
  • Tube Inclination: 45 degree
  • Pupillary distance: 50-75 mm
  • Eyepiece (F.O.V.): TS2-W 10X w/diopter adjustment (F.O.V. 22mm)
  • Nosepiece:  Quintuple nosepiece
  • Condenser:  ELWD Condenser (NA 0.3、W.D. 75 mm)
  • Slider: T1-SNCP Non-Centerable Phase Slider
  • Stage: Plain Stage, stage size: 170 (X) x 247 (Y) mm
  • With Acrylic Type of Stage Ring
  • Dimensions: 236 (W) ×548 (D) ×471 (H) mm
  • Weight (approx.): 13 kg
  • Rated Voltage/Electric Current: 100V-240VAC±10%、50/60Hz、0.35A
  • Power Consumption: 15W

*1 APC (Apodized Phase Contrast) is a type of phase contrast observation with reduced halo, thanks to Nikon’s unique lens coating.
*2 Emboss Contrast is Nikon’s unique contrast observation method. It provides pseudo-three-dimensional images using focal illumination, which gives high contrast to samples.

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