Nikon SMZ800N Stereo Zoom Microscope Bundle

by Nikon
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Nikon SMZ800N Bundle includes:

Retail Price - $4495 Nikon SMZ800N Stereo Zoom Microscope
Retail Price - $745 Nikon P-IBSS2 Single Port Beam Splitter
Retail Price - $195 Nikon C-Mount Adapter
Retail Price - $95 Nikon LV-TV Tube Adaptor
Retail Price - $695 Diffused LED Dome illuminator

Choose a Camera

    1. GT12 - 12 Megapixels USB2 (Retail Price $1295)
    2. Michrome20 Pro - 20 Megapixels USB3 (Retail Price $2295)

Versatile stereo microscope with improved operability and basic performance.

The Nikon SMZ800N offers higher magnification than conventional models, enabling high-resolution observation of minute structures. In combination with the new objective series, its improved chromatic aberration correction provides bright and sharp images through the entire view field. The parallel optics design allows ergonomic accessories and observation attachments to be used in a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

Superior basic performance

The SMZ800N comes with a wide zoom ratio of 8:1 (1 - 8x zoom range) and enables high resolution observation of 640LP/mm (using ED Plan Apo 2x/WF at maximum zoom) with its high-NA optics. Semi-Apochromat optics have been adopted for the lenses in the SMZ800N zoom body to achieve chromatic aberration correction throughout the view field.

Diverse lineup of objectives

A wide selection of newly developed objectives with various magnifications and working distances are available for the SMZ800N. These include high-NA, high-resolution and wide-viewfield Plan Apo WF series objectives with superior image flatness and chromatic aberration correction. In addition, a 0.75x objective is now available, expanding the lineup of low magnification objectives.

Ergonomic design

Eyepiece tubes with a range of inclination angles are available for comfortable observation. They offer the optimum eyelevel for each user. In addition, slim-type plain stands and the LED Diascopic Illumination Stand easily facilitate the presentation and removal of specimens.

Expandable with a wide range of accessories

In addition to basic optional accessories, the same high level of accessories used with superior models are also available for this model. These include trinocular tubes and slim-type LED diascopic illumination stands. These allow various microscope configurations to suit numerous routine inspections and a range of research and development applications.


Optical system Parallel-optics type (zooming type)
Zoom ratio 8:1
Zoom range 1 - 8x (1/2/3/4/6/8x stops)
Total magnification 5 - 480x (depending on eyepiece and objectives)
(coaxial episcopic illuminator: 22.5 - 540x)
Tubes Eyepiece inclination: 20° (P-B Binocular Tube)
Eyepieces C-W10xB (F.N. 22)
Objectives Plan Apo 1x/WF
Working distance 78mm (with Plan 1x)
Weight (approx.) 6.8 kg (with P-B Binocular Tube +C-PSN Plain Stand)

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