Optico ANIB-100-LED Inverted Biological Microscope

by Optico

New Model ANIB-100LED Inverted Biological Microscope now comes with LED Illumination.

The ANIB-100LED inverted biological microscope is the flagship microscope on our site. It has been designed for lab use in a wide range of fields – including biology, histology, pathology, bacteriology, immunology, and animal science. Thus, this a robust, all purpose machine.

The ANIB-100LED Inverted Biological Microscope features an inverted configuration. This means that the objective lens is located below the viewing stage. As a result, it is perfect for a host of bio-science uses. Namely, you don’t have to use glass slides when viewing samples. Therefore, you can study samples in a more natural way leading to better results.

The ANIB-100LED’s optical and mechanical qualities more than match those of our other fine microscopes. Moreover, all controls are easily accessed and comfortable when used for long periods of time. One more unique feature of the ANIB 100-LED is the state of the art XY stage design. This ensures that all the moving parts are based in the stage plate. Also, this model comes with LED lighting as standard.

There are a number of choices open for you to tailor this item to your precise needs. For instance, we have a range of stage inserts and sample holders to suit all use cases. Also, there is a range of digital cameras and software on hand for strict record keeping and image review. So, you will have just what you need to finish the task at hand.


  • LED illumination
  • Coaxial coarse and well adjustment
  • Infinite plan optical set-up with long working distance objectives
  • LWD Infinity Plan Objectives – 4x and 40x (10x and 20x to order)
  • Infinity Plan Phase Objectives – 10x and 20x (40xPH to order)
  • Mechanical XY stage
  • Pre-centerable phase annulus for viewing low contrast or see through samples
  • Trinocular port
  • High point and extra wide field eye piece – EW10×/ 20

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