Best Microscope for SMD Soldering and Electronics Repair

With innovative products and an affordable range, Dino-Lite is a popular choice for Surface Mount Device SMD soldering and electronics inspections.

The range is versatile, portable and cost-effective. With a generally long working distance, high image quality and excellent software support, there is a Dino-Lite model that will be well-suited for all your SMD soldering and inspection needs.


Dino-Lite microscopes have an array of features to suit any workplace or home.

  1. Size and portability

Dino-Lite microscopes are far smaller than standard microscopes, and much more portable as a result. They’re a perfect choice for any travelling professional, hobbyist or educator.

The small size and light weight let them excel at electronics inspection – you can simply pick up the microscope and use it to freely examine your sample from any angle or distance.

  1. Variable magnification

Unlike many microscopes used for electronics work, Dino-Lites have a variable magnification setting that can be freely adjusted. This lets you find the best magnification and working distance for the task at hand.

Most models have a magnification range from 10x to 200x.

  1. Modularity

Dino-Lite microscopes can be equipped with a range of accessories to suit your situation.

They can be easily attached to a stand to allow for hands-free soldering, and there are a variety of bases and mechanical stages that give you greater flexibility and control while you work.

You can even use multiple Dino-Lite microscopes in tandem to give you a multi-angled view of your work or to connect your microscope to smart glasses for head-mounted display.   

  1. Big screens

Dino-Lite microscopes are digital microscopes, meaning they are designed to be connected to monitors or screens.

With these models, you’ll be able to see your work on a large screen instead of through eyepieces. This can help you see greater detail, as well as reduce neck and back strain that can result from long hours with an eyepiece.

  1. Software and photography

Dino-Lite microscopes come with versatile and easy-to-use software options.

As well as allowing you to capture images and video, software can help you organise and categorise your footage, and give you complete control over the microscope’s LEDs, exposure levels, white balance and colour levels.

You’re also able to perform a variety of measurements, create levels or overlays, and provide remote access to colleagues.

The software is also capable of receiving input from multiple microscopes or lenses to provide you with the multi-angled views mentioned earlier. 

  1. Integrated lighting and polarizer

Good lighting is essential to inspections and repairs.

Dino-Lite microscopes come with integrated LED lighting to provide bright, even and cold lighting. They’re also compatible with ring lights if the built-in lighting isn’t enough.

Some models also have built-in polarizers that can drastically reduce the amount of problem glare that comes off metallic components and electronics. This can be a big advantage for inspections – flaws and defects can be easily hidden in bright reflections.

Dino-Lite AM4115ZTL Long Working Distance Digital Microscope

  1. Working distance

Not every microscope is appropriate for soldering.

You’ll want a Dino-Lite with a long working distance – from the lens to whatever component you are soldering. You need enough room to comfortably work with your tools under the microscope.

Dino-Lite long working distance microscopes have a large magnification range (~10x-140x), which lets you find the most suitable working distance for the task at hand.

Many models are specifically designed for increased working distances, giving you up to 23 cm of working space at standard soldering magnifications.

  1. Mobile connections

Dino-lite microscopes can also be connected to smartphones using wifi or connected directly to some Android devices and Windows tablets.

This can spare you the expense of buying a screen or monitor and gives you the ability to work on the go.

Dino-Lite WiFi - USB Attachable interface


  • Further reading about can be found on our article Choosing a soldering microscope for electronics repairs
  • If you’re not interested in capturing footage, using a VGA compatible model is recommended for the lower latency.
  • The MicroTouch function lets you freeze the image on the screen at the press of a button.
  • You can use the scroll lock to avoid accidentally adjusting the magnification.
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