BM2000 Dark Field Condenser DRY

by Optico

DRY Dark Field Condenser for our Optico BM2000 Laboratory Microscope for viewing live unstained tissues, cells, pond life, microorganisms & live blood analysis.

Darkfield illumination is a special technique to look at specimens causing them to glow brightly against a black background.

By blocking out the centre of the transmitted (bottom) light of your microscope and not allowing direct rays to enter the objective lens, only the outer rays of light strike the specimen.

Dark field will not work with a standard 100x objective because of the high numerical aperture, for 1000x magnification you will have to purchase the optional 100x Infinity Plan Dark Field objective with built-in IRIS Diaphragm for the ultimate in dark field microscopy.

Advantage of using the DRY condenser over the OIL condenser is that it is easier to use, although using the OIL condenser you will achieve brighter imaging with a slightly darker background, we recommend buying the DRY type if you are a beginner to dark field microscopy. Have a look at the comparison images captured with the BM2000 Microscope in the image gallery.

  • Dark Field Condenser: DRY
  • NA (Numerical Aperture) : 0.7-0.9
  • Suitable for our BM2000 Microscope only

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