Genetic & Embryology Slides Set

by Optico

Genetic set

C1.Allium, root tips, I.s. showing all stages of mitosis

C2.Eschscholtzia, stigma, w.m. showing penetrating pollen

C3.Polytrichum, moss, archegonium, w.m.

C4. Polytrichum, moss, archegonium,l.s.

C5. Frog egg w.m.

C6.Giant chromosomes from salivary gland of Chironomus, squash preparation stained for chromomeres

C7.Sperm smear

C8.Frog zygote w.m.

C9.Frog egg 10-11mm sec.

C10.Ascaris, zygote t.s.

C11.Testis of mouse, t.s. showing spermatogenesis

C12.Ovary of rabbit, I.s. showing follicles in various stages

C13.Embryology of fish, I.s.

C14.Female ascarids c.s.

C15.Mitosis of plant sec.

C16.Chromosome of normal Man

C17. Chromosome or normal woman

C18.Human blood

C19.Drosophila"vestigial wing"mutant,w.m.

C20.Nerve cell separate W.M.

021.Epithelium from Human mouth W.M.

C22.Epidermal cells of bulb of Allium cepa W.M.

C23.Epidermal cells of Cynops orientalis W.M

C24.Small intestine(show epithelium)

C25.Blood of Bufo bufo smear

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