Optico 4K - USB3 Professional Camera

by Optico

Why 4K outperforms 1080P

The ideal camera pixel refers to the pixel size that is just big enough to resolve the optical resolution of a microscope. But in order to fully performs the optical efficiency of a microscope, the real adopted camera pixel size should be smaller than ideal. The smaller pixel size, the higher the resolution.

Shown as below diagram: take the incident wavelength of 450nm for example, the adopted camera pixel size should be smaller than 2.8um pixel size which corresponds to 4 multiples of minimum objective lens. Under the same 2/3 FOV, the actual resolution of a 1080P (1920 ×1080) camera is only equal to 4.6um(=8.8mm/1920), and it barely meet the demands of 40X and 60X objective lens,while 4K (3640×2160) is about 2.3um(=8.8mm/3640), totally meeting the demands of all objective lens and making the optical lens work at its best efficiency. No matter if it is equipped with 4K or 1080P monitor, it can achieve higher resolution results.


Stronger 4K Image Signal Processor

The upgrade of 4K resolution requires a camera to process a larger amount of data. Generally it is not easy to perfectly reveal 4K image, but the 4K ISP performs at a very high professional level. It not only can accurately determine the exposure intensity of complex light scenes, but also accurately restore and display difficult colours such as blue, purple and pink, and maintain a high speed of 30 frames per second. 


  • Sensor: Sony IMX183C CMOS
  • Resolution: 8MP (3840x2160)
  • Frame Rate: USB 3.0: 25fps@3840x2160, Ethernet: 30fps 3840x2160
  • Image Format: JPG/PNG/TIFF/DICOM
  • Exposure Mode: Auto/Manual
  • Exposure Time: 2ms~10s
  • White Balance: Auto/Manual
  • Optical Interface: Standard C-Mount
  • HDMI: Connect monitor
    USB3.0 Connect computer or U disk
  • Data Interface LAN: Connect Internet
  • USB2.0: Connect mouse
  • Software -HDMIEmbedded software, PC: Mosaic V2
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 ( 32bit/64bit )

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