Optico ASZ-100 Stereo Microscope

by Optico

The Optico ASZ-100 Stereo Microscopes with Rechargeable Batteries

The built in turret objectives make it convenient to change magnifications of 20x & 40x.

Ideal for use in the field as it can be powered by the included rechargeable batteries, and in the lab it can be powered from the mains.

Head can be raised or lowered on post to accommodate various sized specimens. Versatile illumination system offers incident (top) lighting or transmitted (bottom) lighting through the frosted glass stage plate. Precision optics provide a wide field of view with good depth and high resolution. 

Power options:
The microscope uses a mains powered plug-pack to charge the built-in rechargeable NiMH batteries and can be used in the following ways.

Battery only:
Removing the plug-pack allows you to use charged batteries to power the LED lighting.
Battery and/or Mains:
With the mains plug-pack connected and batteries installed the microscope can be operated with OR without mains power.
Mains only:
It is also possible to remove the batteries and use only the mains adaptor.

Identical to the Amscope SE306 Series Stereo Microscope


  • 2X & 4X objectives for 20X/40X magnification
  • Stand with 45° inclined binocular stereo head, 360° rotatable
  • Pair of 10X widefield eyepieces with rubber eyeguards
  • Dual focusing knobs, rack & pinion mechanism
  • Working distance up to 90mm
  • Incident (top) & transmitted (lower) LED illuminator
  • Frosted glass stage plate 95mm diameter with clips
  • Additional black & white contrast stage plate
  • 3 way switch allows top light, bottom light or off
  • Stage clips
  • Vinyl Dust cover, spare bulb
  • Size: 4½” x 7½” x 12″ H, N.W.: 7 lbs.

Shipping and Handling:
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