Zoology Prepared Glass Microscope Slides Set of 30

by Optico
  • 30 Prepared Microscope Slides of Zoology Specimens
  • Samples preserved in cedar wood oil and sealed with a coverslip, Labelling provides specimen identification
  • Optical glass slide dimensions: 3"x1"x0.04" (25.4x76.2mmx1.0mm)
  • Set comes in wooden fitted storage box to prevent breakage and ease handling
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standard 

List of specimens:

1. Paramecium, W. M.
2. Show a unicellular animal
3. Daphnia
4.Turbulleria w. m
5. Ant ., W. M.
5. Ascaris Female and Male. C. S
7. Earthworm, C. S.
8. Mosquito Female Mouth Parts, W. M.
9. House Fly Mouth Parts, W. M.
10. Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W. M.
11. Butterfly Mouth Parts, W. M.
12 Frog Egg, Sec.
13. Rotifera w.m.
14. Fruitfly egg w. m.
15. Mosquito. larva, W. M.
16. Fruit fly w. m.
17. Insects swimming
18. Three types of bacteria
19. Frog blood smear
20. Hydra, C. S.
20. Insect compound eye
22. Euglena. W. M.
23. House fly wings w. m.
24. Butterfly wings w. m.
25. Honey Bee wings w. m.
26. House fly leg w. m.
27. Honey Bee back leg and front leg
28 Chafer antennae w. m.
29. Bird Blood Smear
30. Clonorchis sinensis c. s.

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