ASZ- 600T Greenough Stereo Zoom Microscope - Bundle B

by Optico
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Enjoy major savings with our Added-Value Microscope Bundles. Each includes the microscope of your choice, digital camera, and suitable accessories to complete the package.

ASZ-600T Microscope Bundle B includes:

Retail Price $1995: ASZ-600T Greenough Stereo Zoom Microscope & LED Stand
Retail Price $1495: Michrome6 Digital Camera
Retail Price $695: Diffused LED Dome illuminator
Retail Price $375: X-Y Mechanical Stage

The ASZ-600 Series (Greenough Design) Stereo Zoom Microscope is the most popular choice of our customers in both education, research and industry sectors. 

Equipped with high quality optics that produces outstanding 3D distortion free imaging, colour accuracy and high contrast. 

Advanced features include the parfocal lens system with click-stop indents, your specimen stays sharply in focus over the complete magnification range.

With a continuous zooming magnification range of 8x - 50x 

The ASZ-600 microscope has a secure sealed system design. This design makes it safe to use even in hazardous work areas full of potential contaminants. The sealed system design also minimizes upkeep and keeps repair costs down. In addition, the ergonomic body design promises user comfort even during extended use.

In short, the ASZ 600 Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope offers first class performance, ruggedness, and a user-friendly design.

Features Include:

  • Parfocal lens system
  • Advanced optics offer enlarged field of view, depth of field and flatness of specimen
  • Wide-field 10x eyepieces WF10X/22 with diopter adjustment
  • 28mm field of view at 8x magnification
  • Focusing distance from bottom of lens to stage plate 115mm
  • Click-stop zoom detents
  • Extra large platform stand
  • Leading edge design includes fixed prisms and a single-spindle zoom mechanism
  • External nylon-on-nylon gearing provides the smoothest zoom possible
  • Proven ergonomics for comfort during use
  • 45-degree trinocular head
  • Extra-wide FOV fully adjustable eyepieces

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