Optico ASZ-810 Infinity Parallel Zoom Microscope Bundle

by Optico
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Optico ASZ-810 Microscope Bundle includes:

Retail Price - $3495 ASZ810 8x – 80x Magnification
Retail Price - $495.00 ASZ800 Series Photo Tube

Retail Price - $1495 MIchrome 6 Pro - 6 Megapixels Camera
Retail Price - $145 ToupTek Eyepiece Tube C-Mount Adapter

The Optico ASZ810 Microscope brings you the ultimate in functionality, comfort, clarity and precision to satisfy the most stringent demands. Featuring its advanced Infinity Parallel Zoom Optics system with Plan Achromatic Objective Len. 

Featuring an Infinity Parallel Zoom Optical System and LED Illumination, the ASZ-810 Infinity Parallel Zoom Microscope delivers amazing image-quality across the entire field of view. Extraordinary clarity is ensured via a range of magnifications as well as an exceptional depth of field.

The practical advantage of our ASZ800 Series CMO stereo zoom microscope is the infinity optical system that allows for effortless introduction of accessories such as beamsplitters (Photo Tubes), drawing tubes, & coaxial episcopic illuminator, these are fitted in between the objective and the zooming body. 

The ASZ 810 Infinity Parallel Zoom Microscope is one of the best, most advanced microscopes available for industrial and educational use.

Advances Features Include:

  • Advanced infinity parallel zoom optical system (CMO)
  • Achromatic objective lens
  • Superb whole-field-of-view clarity and excellent depth of field
  • Zooming magnification range of 0.8x to 80x
  • Course & fine focus adjustment
  • LED-LUX LED illumination for cool, even lighting
  • Huge selection of available accessories: photo tube adapters, drawing tube, eyepieces, objectives, ring lights and more
  • Magnification options of up to 480x magnification with upgrades to 30x eyepieces and 2x auxiliary objective combinations

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