Microscope Optics Cleaning Kit

by Microscopes.com.au

Our Microscope Optics Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution for keeping your microscopes objectives and eyepieces in top working condition. This kit includes all you require to clean and maintain your microscopes optics, including a bottle of ROR residual oil remover, pack of cotton tip applicators, air duster and a box of lint free lens cleaning tissues. With regular use, this cleaning kit will help prolong the life of your microscope and ensure the best possible imaging results. Whether you're a vet, student, researcher, or professional, our Microscope Optics Cleaning Kit is a must-have for any microscope user. 

Kit includes:

  • Kimtech lint free Kimwipes box of 280
  • Pisen air blower
  • Livingstone wooden stem cotton tip applicators box of 100
  • ROR Residual Oil Remover 56ml Pump-Action Spray

About ROR Residual Oil Remover

ROR is not just a regular surface cleaner. It goes above and beyond routine cleaning by effectively emulsifying and removing microscopic oil residues.

Using ROR to clean your microscopes objective lenses, in particular the 100x OIL immersion objective will result in a noticeable improvement in brightness and clarity. You will experience a clear, pollution-free view like never before. Additionally, because ROR removes these microscopic oil residues, dust will not be able to stick to the surface, resulting in a longer-lasting clean.

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