Nikon Eclipse E200 Phase Contrast Kit 100x

by Nikon
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Nikon Eclipse E200 - 100x Phase Contrast Kit

Suitable for the Nikon E200 Phase Contrast Microscope 10x & 40x Configuration.

MRP21902 CFI Achromat DL 100X Oil A N.A. 1.25, W.D. 0.23 mm, Ph3

Nikon 100x Plan Phase oil immersion objective fits the model E200 microscope. This replacement objective simply screws in the nose piece. This objective performs both phase and brightfield specimen analysis. The CFI DL optics enable the observation of translucent and near transparent specimens without the use of stains or dyes.

  • 100x/1.25
  • Working Distance: WD 0.23
  • Numerical Aperture: 1.25
  • Thread Pattern: 25mm
  • Nikon Part Number MRP21902
  • Objective Focal Length: Infinity

 CH70200 S-PH2 Slider for phase 100X

Nikon Phase Slider fits the Nikon MCL73100 slider condenser. This slider works in conjunction with the slider condenser and the 100x oil Immersion phase objective lens.

  • Phase Contrast Slider PH3
  • Designed for use with Nikon's E200
  • Nikon Part Number MCH70200

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