MIchrome 20 Pro - 20 Megapixels Resolution

by Optico

20 Megapixel (5472x3648 Resolution) 15fps

Professional Imaging Performance for Brightfield, Darkfield, & Phase Contrast Microscopy.


Excellent imaging performance for brightfield, fluorescence and polarized imaging needs.

Compatible with the following microscopes:

NOT Compatible with the following microscopes:

The use of the core ISP colour-interpolation algorithm effectively corrects the colour deviation of the sensor's spectral response, to simulate the human eye's sensitivity to colour. The true colour in the eyepiece, whether it is a biological bright field, stereo or Phase Contrast image.

Sony professional CMOS sensor 

Uses a Sony 20 megapixel CMOS 1" sensor-IMX183, with 2.4 x 2.4 μm pixels. The resolution of the captured image can reach 5472 x 3648. Images taken at low magnification readily resolved.

Stable high-speed transmission

USB 3.0 high-speed transmission interface, simple and convenient while ensuring a stable High transmission rate which allows fast focusing at high resolution. Imaging can be performed at a rate of 15 fps.

"Real-time" image stitching 

MIchrome 20 is equipped with Tucsens new computational imaging software, Mosaic 2.0, which provides a "real-time image stitching" function. It can generate large-sized mosaic images in a few seconds while moving the stage, which is light, smooth and worry-free!

"Real-time" depth-of-field fusion 

MIchrome 20 also provides real-time depth of field fusion. Turning the focus ring to capture different depth of field points while generating clear depth of field images, fast, accurate and efficient.


  • Sensor Model: IMX183CQJ-J
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Sensor Size: 1"
  • Color/Mono: Color
  • Pixel Size: 2.4x2.4(μm)
  • Resolution: 5472(H)x3648(V) @ 15fps(5472x3648)
  • Frame: 53fps(2736x1824 2x2bin): 67fps(1824x1216 3x3bin)
  • Shutter Mode: Rolling
  • Exposure Time: 0.13ms-15s
  • Automatic Set: Exposure, Color Scale, White Balance
  • Manually Set: Exposure, Gain, Noise Reduction, Gamma,Flat Field Correction
  • Color Temperature: 2000-15000K
  • PC Software: Mosaic V 2.0
  • Picture Format: JPG / PNG / TIFF
  • Operating System: Windows is supported and Linux/Mac is under development
  • PC Configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core), RAM: 8G or more, OS: Windows 7/8/10 64bit
  • Multiple Cameras: Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
  • Data Interface: USB3.0
  • Optical Interface: Standard C Mount
  • Camera Size: 68x68x46mm
  • Camera Weight: 330g

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